Oathealth.com is a website dedicated to promoting nutrition and wellness from oats, fiber, and other natural sources. At Oathealth, our motto is “Fiber Gives You the Health You Deserve”.

Our Mission

At Oathealth.com, we feel privileged to provide you with information and a product that you can safely and effectively use to help lower your cholesterol, promote healthy blood sugar, support a healthy immune system and lose weight.

Our goal at Oathealth.com is to help you stay healthy and take care of your heart. Oathealth.com sells nutritional products directly to consumers who are looking to address their health concerns in natural ways.

About Nutrim

Our best selling product is Nutrim®. By combining Nutrim® with a healthy lifestyle, we believe you can achieve exceptional results.

With Nutrim®, you can be sure you will receive a quality product that qualifies for heart health claims for lowering your cholesterol. Nutrim® does not undergo any of the enzymatic or solvent-based treatments of “highly processed” whole oat products. This sets Nutrim® apart from other options on the market.

Many Nutrim® users have successfully added this ingredient to yogurts, cereals, sauces, juice and smoothies or used it to replace white flour, oils and butter in baked goods. You will find easy and healthy recipes created by the FutureCeuticals, Inc. product development team on this site.

About the Products and Companies We Represent

Nutrim® Oat Bran is a unique type of oat bran developed by the USDA and licensed for use by FutureCeuticals, Inc. Nutrim® can be added to many types of foods without little to any change in texture and taste.

Futureceuticals is proud that their product qualifies for the FDA “Oats and Coronary Heart Disease” health claim: Soluble fiber from Nutrim®, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and lower blood cholesterol.

Located in America’s heartland, FutureCeuticals, Inc. is a division of Van Drunen Farms, a family owned and operated company with over 100 years of farming and food production experience.
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